Quarterly Presentation

OCDNJ September Quarterly Presentation:

Enhancing OCD Treatment By Increasing Psychological Flexibility

with Michael Gotlib, PsyD



Date: September 17, 2018

Time: 730pm

Location: Cherry Hill Public Library

1100 N. King’s Highway

Cherry Hill, NJ 08034


Recent studies have given clinicians an additional framework to work with obsessions and compulsions. Obsessions are unwanted and distressing. Compulsions are actions carried out to avoid or reduce distress. While Exposure and Response Preventions (ERP) helps break the cycle, ERP can be difficult to approach for some. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) framework views ERP as a process to increase psychological flexibility. Psychological flexibility is our ability to recognize and adapt to various situations and shift both our mind and body towards the people and actions that are important to us. Within an ACT framework, individuals increase their willingness to experience obsessions and anxiety in order to move toward their values.  The ACT framework helps people in having a kinder, gentler and more self-compassionate stance with their experiences, rather than being stuck in the obsessive and compulsive cycle.  The ACT framework can allow more freedom to be flexible and focus less on the distress/struggle and still engage in ERP. This workshop will offer an introduction to the ACT model in a manner that is accessible and can be applied to daily life.  Participants will gain insight into how trying to get away from discomfort can keep us stuck and move us away from living a meaningful and vital life. The workshop is experiential and participants will have the opportunity to practice various mindfulness and flexibility skills and will receive resource recommendations to continue the process. Come experience how psychological flexibility can help you live a meaningful and vital life.



From Philadelphia Area:
Route 70 East to Route 41 North (Kings Highway) Library is approximately 1/2 mile on left

From Atlantic City and South Jersey Points:
Atlantic City Expressway to North/South Freeway (Route 42) Route 42 to Interstate 295 Interstate 295 North to Route 70 West (exit 34B) Follow Route 70 West to Route 41 North Library is approximately 1/2 mile on left

From North Jersey Points:
New Jersey Turnpike Exit 4 toward Camden Route 73 North to overpass (Junction 73-38-41) Route 41 South Library is approximately 2 miles on right Alternately: Take I-295 South to Route 70 West (exit 34B) Route 41 North Library is approximately 1/2 mile on left


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